58. Gabrielle Sabsovich - 2023-07-24 22:23:33
Eugene is an excellent tutor. He taught me college level calculus and I would not have gotten through it without him. He is very meticulous with his methods and really instilled them in me. His methods are very particular, but following them this way helped me really understand the material in depth. Similarly, I was able to actually apply those methods and solve problems independently unlike before. Eugene is really funny, patient, and an overall amazing tutor! I highly recommend him!
57. C. H. - 2023-06-26 12:07:33
Eugene has been my daughter's high school math tutor for 3 years. We had searched for a good tutor for a while and been to several trial sessions. Many tutors simply ask the students to memorize the formulas. Eugene is very different. He explains the theorem thoroughly with examples and make sure the students fully understand the principles to apply them instead of simply memorizing. He uses math and physics examples that not only helped my daughter in math but also let her understand the common principles between math and physics. That boosts my daughter's confidence and grades significantly. We highly recommend Eugene!
56. Arnav Singh - 2023-06-15 11:23:34
Every session I work with Eugene, I become more confident in my abilities with math and physics. He always helps me understand concepts by thinking intuitively and emphasizing doing them correctly. He is able to break down the problems in ways anyone can understand. If I get lazy while showing my work, he keeps me on track so I do it correctly. With his knowledge and teaching style, I could learn physics and math in a very enjoyable and fun way. He also makes sure to derive formulas when possible which helped further solidify my learning. It is clear Eugene loves math and physics and shares that enthusiasm when I’m working with them. He also has a great sense of humor and has lots of general knowledge about the world. I would definitely recommend working with Eugene for anyone looking to gain further understanding in math and physics.
55. Adam F. - 2023-06-08 04:05:43
Excellent math tutor. Explained concepts well and thoroughly, provided examples, and covered material well. He has greatly helped my understanding of topics covered in class, and lessons were very helpful.
54. Simona M. - 2023-05-26 09:15:15
Eugene has been my son's math tutor during high school all the way through Linear Algebra. He is a wonderful tutor, very detailed, and explains in-depth the concepts of advanced math, making sure that my son understands thoroughly the topic. Eugene even provided extra textbooks to practice extra challenging problems. On top, he has a great sense of humor, making the sessions very pleasant. We highly recommend Eugene!
53. Syed K. - 2021-01-07 02:05:13
Eugene is an amazing tutor. My daughter was struggling with calculus at college. He helped my daughter learn college level calculus. He helped her understand the fundamentals and get a better understanding of the basics. I highly recommend him.
52. Andrea C. - 2020-10-19 11:15:28
Eugene is fantastic - he was recommended to us by one of the after school math programs. Our son's grade in math was sinking every semester so he needed some extra support. Eugene was very flexible about working with him during COVID Shelter-In-Place and after 6 months of weekly sessions he pulled his grade up to an A! Thank you so much Eugene.
51. George L. - 2020-04-19 12:15:18
Excellent tutor who is well versed in Math (all subjects) and physics. We've been to several tutors and by far, this is our best experience.
50. Shubhang Tyagi - 2019-11-15 06:05:25
College Bound Math and Physics helped me in the math and physics classes at school as well as SAT Physics and SAT Math Level 2. It’s unique and personalized study sessions allowed me to learn at my own pace as well. I would 100% recommend College Bound Math and Physics for anyone in need for guidance in these subjects.
49. Anastasiya Osher - 2019-03-15 09:05:15
Eugene is a wonderful teacher. He taught me college level math and physics He is very patient teacher with a great sense of humor. He is particular about how problems are solved but his methods help make sure you understand every step so you can replicate it by yourself. Also he taught me to really understand the concepts rather than just memorize. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who wants math or physics tutoring :)
48. J. H. - 2019-03-11 02:03:11
Eugene is very patient and understands each student's needs. He has taught all different levels of math for many years. He teaches beyond school curriculum with depth of knowledge and explanation. His teaching skills and methods are excellent!
47. Tatiana S. - 2019-02-11 12:39:21
Eugene has tutored both of our sons and has helped them tremendously. We have recommended him to many of our friends and all the kids (and parents) absolutely love his teaching! He is patient and knows how to work with students of all ages and abilities. We can't recommend him enough!
46. Linda Y. - 2018-11-25 12:09:11
Eugene is a great AP Physics tutor! When he noticed my son, a high school junior, liked to skip steps to solve the problems, he insisted and encouraged him to meet with the higher college standards, it was tough at the beginning, but after a while, my son benefited from Eugene's teaching. When check his notes, you can't believe how meticulous, knowledgeable and patient Eugene is when tutoring. We can't thank enough for Eugene's help!
45. Jon A. - 2018-11-25 8:09:19
Highly recommended! Eugene has been an excellent tutor for my child for over two years. His approach is thorough but also flexible to meet the needs of changing curriculums and evolving weak spots during the year. Disciplined, efficient and patient, he will bring out the best in your student's abilities.
44. Minnie H. - 2018-10-24 11:14:15
Eugene is an excellent tutor. The very first time he met my son, he told him: "In Russia, we believe the responsibility for not drowning belongs to those who are drowning." Since he has had Eugene as a tutor, my son has completely changed his approach to math. He has become self-reliant. He practices ahead of time, "because my tutor says I have to do three practice exams before I see him next". As he has become more capable in math, his interest in mathematics has increased. Eugene gives him special textbooks to practice extra topics. Furthermore, Eugene knows the PAUSD high school curriculum and schedules inside and out. My son is somewhat absent-minded, and in spite of his first comment, Eugene reminded him about a couple of quizzes just in the nick of time. I am very grateful that Eugene is tutoring my son in mathematics!
43. Andrew T. - 2018-6-26 12:19:14
I've had Eugene for a tutor for about two years. His lectures are really helpful and gave me a better understanding in math and physics. He makes sure the students understand the material instead of memorizing and starts all his lectures from the very beginning. His lectures are organized and structured and by following along it gave me a stronger understanding in my math and physics class. I highly recommend him as a tutor.
42. John L. - 2017-9-3 15:14:12
Eugene was a wonderful tutor. My daughter didn't do well in her eighth grade math. After a couple of months with Eugene, she gained a lot of confidence in her math skills, which allowed her to skip ninth grade math and advance to tenth grade math. My son got also learned a great deal of math with Eugene and enjoy his time learning math. Thanks Eugene. John
41. Masha - 2017-6-8 10:53:01
Eugene is definitely one of the best tutors I've had. He knows the material inside and out and is able to explain it in different ways using examples and diagrams to make it easier to understand. He also has a sense of humor, which makes the lessons more fun and enjoyable to attend.
40. William H. - 2017-5-19 16:03:34
Wow! Where do I start? Eugene has been tutoring my high school son in honors and AP math and physics for almost 3 years now. Not only has he helped him achieve A's in these classes, he has also actually TAUGHT him the course material, unlike the majority of his teachers. I can't tell you the number of times my son was completely stressed out, not understanding the material for an upcoming test, and he came out of Eugene's lesson all smiles and aced the test later that week. Initially, we had tried a few other tutors closer to our home, but none of them were effective. Thank goodness we found Eugene. I can't recommend him strongly enough.
39. Michal B. - 2017-2-16 12:43:24
Eugene is a wonderful math tutor. He knows the material so well that no time needs to be spend on figuring out how to solve the problems, even when tutoring a very high level math class (it was not the case with other tutors) He makes sure that the student understands the material instead of just trying to memorize things. He gives the student challenging problems to work on to help them understand the material even better and to boost their confidence. If they can solve those problems, they can figure out anything giving to them at school. Eugene is very patient, knows how to talk to the students. He teaches the student how to approach the problem. He insists on writing down all the steps which helps them think on what they are doing and prevent them from making silly mistakes. Both my kids were/are working with him during middle school and high school. Highly recommended!!!!
38. Oishi M. - 2016-10-18 14:23:54
I knew nothing about physics before I was enrolled in a fast paced, difficult college physics class. I was struggling, and then I came to Eugene. He would review all concepts in detail, go over the numerous challenging physics problems from my homework, and he helped me go into every physics exam confident and prepared. I ended up with an A+ in the class. He is a fantastic teacher.
37. Tara S. - 2016-07-21 10:10:43
Prof. Ionel is a phenomenal tutor and helped me get a perfect 800 score on the math portion of the SAT. He is very patient, and teaches in an easy to understand manner. The material I learned from him not only helped me on the SAT, but it also helped me in my math classes at school. He provides lots of opportunities for his students to learn and practice. I highly recommend him as a tutor!!
36. Alex W. - 2016-06-13 19:11:44
My son started to take math lessons with Eugene 4 years ago, when he was in middle school. He is currently at Gunn. I like that Eugene provides a detailed presentation of each problem. He teaches his students how to think, how to approach the problem and how to work with the textbook. He insists on complete understanding of the material, not memorization of the formulas. He has no tolerance for sloppy handwriting. Eugene has large library of math and physics textbooks, both in English and Russian. Many of his Russian texts are translated in English. He uses different texts for the same class to emphasize different aspects of the course. Eugene is gently pushing each of his students to perform at their full potential. He is the best teacher you can find in the Silicon Valley for math and physics.
-Alex Kachenko
35. Melinia H. - 2016-06-01 17:14:46
Eugene was able to help me with a very tough business class that I had to take as a requirement for my MBA at San Jose State. He is patient and explains the concepts in a manner that is easy to understand. I needed to score a 80% to pass the class, thanks to Eugene I was able to score a 86.6% and earn an A in the class overall. I highly recommend him as a tutor.
34. Debbie G. - 2016-05-28 11:34:23
For the past year Eugene has been tutoring my 8th-grade son, who needs some extra challenge in math. Together they are working their way through precalculus. Eugene is very detailed and makes sure that my son understands how every theorem is derived before he applies it. My son considers him a great teacher.
33. Ben H. - 2015-12-13 8:24:33
Eugene has been helping me eight may for about a year now. When I came to him, I was a few weeks into second semester precalculus honors with a C, after receiving a shaky B first semester. This was all Thanks to the help of a big tutoring corporation, which didn't help me whatsoever. As soon as I came to Eugene, he put me back on the right track in the class, and the rest of the semester I never scored below a 93 on a test. I ended up with a solid A in that class, all thanks to Eugene's weekly tutoring sessions. I'm now a sophomore in high school, taking Calculus AB AP, and as the semester closes out, I am not worrying so much about my final exam, since I have a solid A in the class. His rates are less than big names such as Kumon, AJ, and Sylvan, and his tutoring methods are far better. His methods are not old however, he knows how my teacher runs the class very well, so he can prepare me for his style of exams. He problems he assigns me in lessons are extremely challenging, pulling them from Russian math books he studied in college to books his students that go to MIT use. One final reason Eugene is he best tutor out there is because he always makes time to help his students. One night, the night before a major examination, I was completely lost on the practice test, I had no idea what to do in the slightest. I emailed Eugene, and in less than an hour, I was on the phone with him, and he was helping me through a web application that let him show me the setups of the problems. Without Eugene, my prowess in mathematics would be far less than what it is today, and his patience, understanding, and interesting problems lead me to anticipate lessons every week. I highly recommend Eugene to anyone who is struggling in their math course of any levels, I've seen him helping kids in something as basic as algebra to something as complex as multivariable calculus.
32. Nadia R. - 2015-10-28 10:20:18
Eugene is an exceptional instructor. Of particular importance is his knowledge of the Palo Alto school system mathematics curriculum. With this knowledge he can tutor the mathematics needed to get good grades in the Palo Alto classroom. He is teaching my son how to think through math problems and not just computational skills. My son became more confident about his ability to do well in the classroom and is getting better grades.
31. Tal B. - 2015-10-28 8:24:23
The classes that Eugene runs are excellent. He has helped my daughter for some years now. We came to him worried that my was daughter falling behind math and not liking it. He has helped her to the point that now she feels very confident in her knowledge of math an she said is one of the subjects she likes the most. To hear that is wonderful. Getting good in Math has helped her not only in school but also in her overall confidence. He will gone the extra mile no problem, Eugene tutor her even when we were abroad for a couple of years. He figure it out how to have the class long distance and even got the books she had in order to teach specifically exactly what she was being taught. Eugene is a great person and a great teacher he is patience and knows his subject very well. He is up to date on what it is being taugth in high schools and universities and understand how the subject is being presented in these places. I really recommend him to all.
30. R G. - 2015-02-18 10:22:24
Eugene was an excellent find for helping our high school-er in her honors math. He is extremely knowledgeable in his subject and explains students in a way that sticks. He insists kids on creating good working habits and focuses on step by step solution. He likes to understand the students capabilities and identifies the strengths and weaknesses. This way he knows how best to plan the session. I would highly recommend Eugene for math!
29. Kevin L. - 2015-02-14 08:12:38
Eugene is really knowledgeable in various subjects and dedicated to helping his students learn the material well. He has helped me improve my knowledge in statistics, calculus, and physics. The notes he provides are easy to understand and extremely helpful. He truly wants the student to be able to understand the material and always open to answer questions. Thanks Eugene!
28. Fiona C. - 2014-10-21 04:02:08
Eugene is the best math teacher you can ever find. Eugene knows the Palo Alto school system very well (both middle and high schools). He is patient, yet challenging for students. He teaches his students not only math, but attitude! Only students that have the right attitude can be successful in their future life. Thank you, Eugene!
27. Rika T. - 2014-09-12 03:13:34
I like to endorse Eugene 200% ! He is very knowledgeable, patient, understands the needs of his students both in regard to his/her math skills as well as personality. I have tried other places before with very little success (if that) and Eugene is everything I was looking for. My son needed to review algebra I for his high school placement test and he is generally quite strong student. We were able in just 2 weeks with daily sessions not only to review all the material that my son had covered during 7th grade, but also he challenged him with harder problems and problems his middle school had NOT covered. My son was able to then retake the math placement test and he was placed at a higher class than he originally tested for (this high school is a private high school ranked 6th in the nation). I will be driving from Berkeley to Menlo Park if I need math tutoring in the future. Eugene is amazing! I highly recommend you work with him. Thank you Eugene!
26. Alisa M. - 2014-09-05 15:33:24
Eugene is the right math tutor for anyone who is either struggling with math and needs additional help with apprehension, or for someone who simply wants to get ahead of his or her class. He is extremely knowledgeable, has a passion for teaching, and is both patient and encouraging. Prior to my lessons with Eugene, I truly disliked--even hated-- math, mainly because I had a history of terrible, incompetent instructors at school, who contributed to my disconnect with math, which completely destroyed all confidence in my mathematical abilities and ultimately made me lose incentive to improve. Shortly after beginning lessons with him, however, my attitude towards math changed entirely because I realized that I could understand certain concepts with proper instruction, which resulted in my increased performance in school. My parents couldn't believe that I started to become interested in math, because for almost my entire life, I had loathed math, but this new interest contributed to my significantly higher math grades (this past school-school year, I maintained a high A for both semesters). I have to stress that, unlike many other math tutors (and teachers) who believe in blind memorization, Eugene emphasizes understanding in order for his student to be able to derive and fully comprehend whatever is being taught. Overall, he is a great tutor and I thank him.
25. Aditya M. - 2014-04-13 12:05:14
Eugene is an excellent math tutor, and has helped me a great deal. I am a senior in high school, and have been in the highest math lane offerred in my schools since second grade. This year I began to have a lot of trouble with math, and my teacher would often tell us that we should memorize formulas, theorems, and postulates instead of finding out why they worked. Eugene was able to teach my applications of these formulas and I now am much more confident in my math grade, as well as my ability to learn new math. Eugene doesn't just help you, he teaches you to help yourself. I will not have him in college next year, but I will have the skills he has given me.
24. Lili J. - 2014-02-06 11:10:25
You can tell that Eugene truly loves math. He shares his knowledge and expertise in a way that is understandable to my son. In the few months that we have been seeing him my son has raised his math grade a full letter higher. We are really happy to have found Eugene. My son feels more confident with his math skills (our primary purpose) and has been consistently getting excellent grades on his weekly tests. Eugene has been working with our son to help prepare him for the advanced class next year.
23. Todd W. - 2013-11-19 11:11:19
Eugene has been a great tutor to my son. He is patient, knowledgeable and has taught him skills that will help my son throughout his school experiences. I would not hesitate to recommend Eugene for tutoring any student. We are very grateful for his help.
22. Steve T. - 2013-10-29 12:21:21
Not only does Eugene deeply understand every level of high school and college math, he is able to explain it in ways that make the material accessible and interesting for high school students. The notes that he gives to his students are, as my son tells me, extremely valuable. Among the math tutors we have engaged with, Eugene truly stands out!
21. Nancy T. - 2013-06-11 03:40:37
Eugene has done an excellent job tutoring Algebra II and Trigonometry for our children. Not only is he knowledgeable, he finds ways to tailor to each of our children’s needs, adjusting to their individual levels. He has a way of making learning math interesting to them. Our daughter, in particular, benefits greatly from Eugene’s tutor. Math has always been a big challenge for her. As a result of Eugene’s work, she is receiving good math grades and definitely is more confident with the subject.
20. Sona V. - 2013-04-25 16:33:27
Eugene has a deep knowledge of the subject and he is able to teach all kinds of math with ease. He has unique ability to understand different learning styles of each student and adjust his instructional approach accordingly. My son who has learning differences has greatly benefited from Eugene’s interactive instructions in terms of understanding his math concepts. Eugene’s step by step approach has helped him develop clarity of thinking for his AP Statistics course. Plus, Eugene shows extraordinary sensitivity in making every student feel comfortable so that they can learn with pleasure. My son very much enjoys learning from Eugene who gets truly involved in making each student successful with his encouragement and interest in teaching.
19. Liza L. - 2012-12-23 06:55:50
Eugene is the best math tutor. He knows his material and most importantly is phenomenal educator who knows how to convey the message. He chooses the best approach suitable for each of his students.
18. W.G. - 2012-12-22 11:45:46
Eugene is an excellent math tutor. His mastery of the concepts in AP BC Calculus is demonstrated in his ability to clearly articulate his explanations in a way that helps me understand the material. In addition, his proficiency at drawing diagrams to better explain the material and helpful habit of writing down every step he goes through to solve a problem makes him the perfect tutor for anyone struggling in math. I would highly recommend Eugene to anyone in need a help in math.
17. Judy C. - 2012-10-02 13:22:02
Eugene has done wonders for my daughter. He was able to pre-teach my daughter’s weekly math topics in 1 hour that would have taken her school teacher 4 days to teach. He was also able to help her do all of her entire week’s worth of math homework. As a result, my daughter’s stress level went down and her grade went up. I highly recommend his effective and targeted teaching method.
16. Z - 2012-09-24 07:07:13
Eugene is a great math tutor. He really helps, and understands the areas you have problems with. Also, he is very thorough and understandable in explaining. I definitely recommend Eugene!
15. L.H. - 2012-04-30 09:26:06
Instructor Eugene is a dedicated and responsible teacher. He has deep understanding of math of different levels. He is excellent in making complicated problems easy to understand. Good teaching methods. His class is stress free. By taking his lessons, my kid is able to face the most challenging course in high school. Thank you Eugene!
14. XW - 2012-02-02 08:44:00
Eugene is a super math tutor. He really knows his material. There is never a question he can’t answer, and he explains concepts very well and thoroughly. My son is currently taking Algebra2/Geometry - the highest math lane in Palo Alto schools. The class is very fast paced. At the beginning of the school year, my son’s grade was a little shaky. We are so thankful to have found Eugene then. After a couple of months with Eugene, my son is up to speed with the class again and is getting all A’s on his tests.
13. Clark F. - 2011-04-26 07:02:16
I am a Mechanical Engineering student at University of San Diego and Gene Ionel tutored me in Calculus 3 last year. I have a learning disability (CAPDS) and it is very hard for me to grasp concepts in the classroom alone or even with other tutors. Having Gene solve problems through different methods and viewpoints really helped me to understand the essential concepts of the class instead of just how to solve problems. I would certainly recommend Gene to a college student who is struggling in their math courses.
12. A. K. - 2011-04-19 05:22:37
Mr. Ionel is excellent instructor. My 10 years old daughter was struggling with math. Before taking classes from Mr. Ionel, she studied at Kumon and tried various math workbooks at home which were of little or no use. Mr. Ionel suggested going over the material of her grade from the beginning and he found out which things she did not understand from the past material. Then he explained those math concepts to her and went along with the material of the 4th grade. Every time she was studying a topic with him, he always made sure she was really understanding the underlining concept, and that made a lot of difference. Now my daughter is finally catching up on her math. We are very thankful to Mr. Ionel. We would highly recommend him as an excellent math instructor and a gifted teacher.
11. - 2011-03-23 05:39:27
I am a tenth grader at Palo Alto High School and I’ve had Eugene tutor me in Geometry and Algebra since the beginning of the school year. It’s great having a tutor that can help me in one part of math, then easily transition into helping me with another. He is a great tutor and I’d recommend him to anyone.
10. Aamir - 2011-03-17 02:40:38
In the ninth grade I attended Gunn High School and was taking an accelerated Geometry/Algebra II course. I was really struggling with the class and decided to seek outside help. That is when I found Mr. Ionel. His clear and detailed notes, engaging method of teaching, and different way of looking at things made math become my favorite subject and improved my grade by so much that at the end of the year I got 100% on the final. I would highly recommend Mr. Ionel to anyone who is struggling with math or even to someone who is adept in mathematics and seeks further study. He truly is one of the best teachers I have ever had.
9. Nohra Scuderi - 2011-02-16 14:49:49
We are a bicoastal living family and found Eugene last year to help us with homeschooling our daughter. He is an exemplary instructor and has assisted my daughters significant progress made during the eighth grade. Additionally, a WebEx program that he put together has continues to help our daughter progress while we are in Florida through the winter. My sincere gratitude goes out to Eugene and I recommend him highly.
8. Joshi - 2011-01-10 05:16:14
Eugene taught Linear Algebra to my daughter both in person and over the internet, when she needed help most. She had limited time to catch up and Eugene quickly came up with schedule to meet her requirement. He was always timely and customized Curriculum. I strongly recommend Eugene for those in need of accelerated study.
7. Nurgul - 2011-01-09 22:57:23
Mr. Ionel worked with our 10 year old daughter for about 9 months on Math tutoring. Our goal was to keep her ahead of her 5th grade math level and get ready for Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) required for admissions process in the two top private schools of the Bay Area (Bentley and Head Royce). Eugene has a unique combination of being a great mathematician with the serious educational background and having a rather soft and attentive teaching style. His personality makes him a perfect tutor for young children and sensitive teenagers. Our daughter enjoyed working with Mr. Ionel and as a result she had a perfect STAR test results ( 600 out of 600 in Math), successfully passed her ISEE test, and was admitted to both Bentley and Head Royce schools. I highly recommend Eugene to anyone seeking math tutoring for their daughter or son. We would use Mr. Ionel tutoring services again in the future when our daughter enters high school."
6. Stuart - 2011-01-03 01:57:16
Eugene has done a wonderful job in helping me with calculus during my senior year of high school and during my freshman year of college. He does an excellent job at explaining the problems and goes over each problem step-by-step. Eugene also has very flexible hours and can even tutor over the internet.
I would highly recommend Eugene to anybody who needs help with math.
5. Andrew - 2010-12-17 03:55:39
Andrew attends Summit Prep and has been working with Eugene for 2 years now, in 11th grade for precalculus and currently for AP calculus. Eugene has been invaluable in helping Andrew understand a complex subject and keeping a high grade throughout two tough years. Eugene is both dependable and flexible often making himself available at short notice just before tests.

I would thoroughly recommend Eugene to anyone who needs a bit of help in Math.

Val Summit parent
4. Valeriya - 2010-12-13 02:09:32
I started taking classes with Eugene in small group lessons at a school but then decided that private lessons would be more rewarding. I took lessons with him for over two years and what I learned is still helping me now.
Thank you so much for your amazing tutoring!
3. Chirag - 2010-12-12 02:51:38
I worked with Eugene during my junior year while I was taking Analysis H at Paly. Eugene was an excellent tutor because he not only went over the lessons we learned in class, but also provided valuable insight about the best ways to solve even the toughest of problems. He had no issues with any of the problems and was able to explain everything quickly and concisely, while still checking for understanding. Before tests, Eugene would quiz me with relevant problems and as a math teacher himself, he knew the best way to asses understanding of the concepts. Eugene is the perfect math tutor and I highly recommend him- he definitely helped me a lot!
2. Yelena - 2010-11-29 05:23:25
Eugene is a wonderful tutor. I needed to get ready for my AP Statistics Exam in a around 2 months as a junior in Palo Alto High School. I needed to go over the whole textbook because I was having a really bad time in class and starting from the beginning was necessary to understand the later chapters. Eugene taught me everything I needed to know for Stats in the short amount of time I had and I got a 4 on the AP.
1. Mo & Rekha - 2010-11-28 16:13:07
My son had difficulty with handling problems involing multiple complex concepts. Eugene Ionel taught him techniques to handle these and he helped my son improve by one whole letter grade. Eugene Ionel is knowledgeable and worked at my sons pace. I would definitely recommend him.

-parent, Menlo High School